2019 web medias retrospective

Who are the 10 artists, composers and performers most present in the web media in 2019, in the press and blogs combined? Which orchestras and venues have received the most media exposure? And the others, those who also count on the classical music stage, even if they are perhaps less mentioned?

What are the best advances compared to 2018, including perhaps the great talents to come? What are these rising performers, those who are progressing year after year?

Here are those who have made the news in classical music and opera in 2019, the most cited in articles and posts, the most popular in the writings of those who listen and review the new releases, attend performances, interview the performers, make us rediscover a little-known work, retrace a venue's history or share a composer's biography. Behind these rankings are current and future trends.

The 50 most popular alive performers and composers

including artists dead this year (2019)

entry in the yearly ranking
significant rise
significant fall

Variations are appreciated regarding the previous year.

Evolution of popularity in the web media over the last 5 years

The 50 most popular composers and performers

For the greatest composers and performers below, major variations can be due to special commemorations (centenaries...). [+]

An exclusive analysis based on the press articles and blog posts indexed by soClassiQ.

2015 . . . 2019

310000+ articles & posts (EN)

These rankings can be very different from one country to another.

Discover the ones the press is talking about elsewhere. Sometimes the areas of interest are very different.

Classical music and opera have no borders, but can be heard differently here and there.


The 30 most popular venues

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