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Castro or Nazareth? Novaes or Lobo? It is difficult for inquiring minds to tackle such abundant fields as classical music and opera, covering 10 centuries of history: there are thousands of composers. Making a selection of musicians, such as a “top 10” for example, is a difficult and subjective exercise. A musical selection is often the expression of personal preferences or artistic opinions, very interesting but also very different according to critics or musicologists, or simply influenced by the context: will an English composer not be instinctively privileged by an English critic?

For example: in France, Charles Gounod, a 19th century French composer, is more easily mentioned than the Norwegian Edvard Grieg, who is more recognized in the world.

Timeline of classical music composers, between 1790 and 1910 (romantic era) in South America

Whoever wants to discover classical music or opera does not always have an experienced music lover, an expert or an educator at his or her side to support and guide him or her in these fields. So : Castro (Argentine musician) or Nazareth (Brazilian composer and pianist) ? Panizza (Argentine musician) or Gardel (Argentinian singer, songwriter, actor; the most prominent figure in the history of tango) ? However, the knowledge available about musicians is enormous. It was processed to select the 10, 25, 50... most popular composers around the world, for those living or having lived en South America, between 1790 and 1910 (romantic era). And this objectively, and for the first time (soClassiQ exclusivity).

Composers rendered as a timeline to bring a little perspective:

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This timeline is interactive to navigate through the ages , or eras : medieval music, renaissance, baroque music (Bach...), classical period (Mozart...), romantic music (Beethoven...), XXth (Stravinsky), or across continents (with ).

Top 10 classical musiccomposers in South America for the years 1790-1910

Who are these greatest composers, the most famous over the 1790-1910 era in South America? The works of these musician have shaped the history of classical music and lyric art. There are those you probably know, or at least by name and the others.

Here are these 10 classical music composers, renowned artists from around the world:

Curious to know their most emblematic works? Just a click away to discover them.

The selections of musicians (classical music composers) proposed by soClassiQ are based exclusively on algorithms. The same applies to their works, the performers, the lyrical singers, les orchestras, the conductors and the venues : opera houses, concert halls or festivals.

What about the others? 25, 50 or more?

Summarizing to 10 musician names such a wide and diverse field may seem extreme or too simplistic for those who know classical music and lyrical art well, for those who can easily name 50 or more classical music composers. Holguín, Villa-Lobos, Gomes, Nepomuceno, Mignone, Fernández, Silva...

At this time, soClassiQ has listed more than 18000 composers. So here is a selection of some composers for the romantic era, in South America, widely recognized around the world:


Juan de <strong>Dios Filiberto</strong> Juan de Dios FilibertoThe great Romantic composers
1885-1964 (20th century)
Conductor, Performer & Composer

Ernesto <strong>Drangosch</strong> Ernesto DrangoschThe great Romantic composers
1882-1925 (20th century)
Performer & Composer


Constantino <strong>Gaito</strong> Constantino GaitoThe great Romantic composers
1878-1945 (20th century)
Conductor, Performer & Composer

José Maurício Nunes <strong>Garcia</strong> José Maurício Nunes GarciaThe great Romantic composers
1767-1830 (Classical)
Conductor, Performer & Composer

Eduardo García-MansillaThe great Romantic composers
1871-1930 (20th century)

Carlos <strong>Gardel</strong> Carlos GardelThe great Romantic composers
1890-1935 (20th century)
Lyrical singer & Composer

Gilardo <strong>Gilardi</strong> Gilardo GilardiThe great Romantic composers
1889-1963 (20th century)
Conductor, Performer & Composer

Tomás <strong>Giribaldi</strong> Tomás GiribaldiThe great Romantic composers
1847-1930 (Romantic)

Maria Isabel Curubeto GodoyThe great Romantic composers
1904-1959 (20th century)
Performer & Composer

Antônio Carlos <strong>Gomes</strong> Antônio Carlos GomesThe great Romantic composers
1836-1896 (Romantic)
Performer & Composer

Chiquinha <strong>Gonzaga</strong> Chiquinha GonzagaThe great Romantic composers
1847-1935 (Romantic)
Conductor, Performer & Composer

Remigio Acevedo GuajardoThe great Romantic composers
1863-1911 (Romantic)
Performer & Composer

Camargo GuarnieriThe great Romantic composers
1907-1993 (20th century)
Conductor, Performer & Composer

Alberto GuerreroThe great Romantic composers
1886-1959 (20th century)
Conductor, Performer & Composer


Erich <strong>Kleiber</strong> Erich KleiberThe great Romantic composers
1890-1956 (20th century)
Conductor & Composer


Ernesto <strong>Nazareth</strong> Ernesto NazarethThe great Romantic composers
1863-1934 (Romantic)
Performer & Composer

Alberto <strong>Nepomuceno</strong> Alberto NepomucenoThe great Romantic composers
1864-1920 (Romantic)
Conductor, Performer & Composer

Guiomar NovaesThe great Romantic composers
1895-1979 (20th century)
Performer & Composer


Floro UgarteThe great Romantic composers
1884-1975 (20th century)
Performer & Composer

Some composers to be celebrated very soon

Next month, more than 40 important artists and musicians will be honoured. In November 2020 some of them may celebrate a special anniversary. For others, amateurs and enthusiasts will celebrate the bicentenary of their birth or the fiftieth anniversary of their death for example. Among them, some famous composers:

on 8, César Franck (1822-1890), 130th anniversary (Death),
on 12, Henryk Gorecki (1933-2010), 10th anniversary (Death),
on 14, Aaron Copland (1900-1990), 120th anniversary (Birth),
on 18, Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1860-1941), 160th anniversary (Birth),
on 22, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784), 310th anniversary (Birth),

There are others to discover. And it is not too late to focus on the October 2020 celebrations (30+).

Always good opportunities to discover or deepen, (re)listen, explore the vastness and diversity of classical music...

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