About soClassiQ

1. The website.

Make classical music accessible to all...

soClassiQ is an Internet information service offered to all those interested in classical music.

soClassiQ promotes diversity of classical music . Here, you can find or give relevant information:

  • if you're just curious or a warned music lover or an amateur musician or a seasoned professional or a music teacher or any thing else,
  • if you're passionate by Baroque music (or contemporary music, or any another period) or if you listen all kind of classical music...,
  • if you prefer the intimacy of chamber music or if you are more fund of symphony or opera...

Music should be widely shared, without borders. Also, soclassiq.com is currently proposed in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

soClassiQ is a free and without ads.

soClassiQ opened its pages on January 20th 2009 (named Classissima until September 24th 2017).

2. The publisher

soClassiQ is published by the company e-media management, consulting firm in management. e-media management is independent from any players in the music market, in particular classical music market.

In 2000, e-media management launched surlesplanches.com, the French site for those who practice theater. Independent of from any players in the theatre, the site became a reference in its field.

Convinced that the cultural niches conceal treasures of passion and excellence, e-media management reiterates adventure with soClassiQ and give him more ambition.

Without bias, soClassiQ is the site of all those interested in classical music.

[ Updated May 23th 2018 ]


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Make classical music accessible to all.