Accessibility statement for soClassiQ

Internet browsing is not always easy for people living with a disability. For soClassiQ to be the website of all those who love classical music and more, we adopted an environment that conforms to standards have emerged to take account of disability.

The principle of accessibility takes into account the physical and mental impairments, technological deficiencies and people for whom use of Internet remains difficult.

To accommodate those who like classical music, with or without disability, soClassiQ's editor strives for soClassiQ to be:

  • discernible: all content is presented clearly for all;
  • used: interface elements of the content is usable by all;
  • browsed: navigation and guidance in the content are easy for everyone;
  • understandable: the content and controls are easily understandable;
  • robust: compatibility with current browsers, assistive technologies and other software must be optimal.

[ Updated May 23th 2018 ]


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Make classical music accessible to all.