1. The site as intellectual work

soClassiQ is an information service on the Internet edited by the company e-media management, owner of the domain and soClassiQ trademark.

The site itself, its architecture topics and information services, its graphic design, its algoritms for data collecting and selection and for assembling and publishing are regarded as an intellectual work belonging to the company e-media management under copyright.

It can not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written permission.

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2. Its contents

soClassiQ is made with:

  • the articles of the indexed sources, published by RSS feeds, under the proper licence of each source,
  • the videos hosted by YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, under the licence of each platform,
  • the master data (composers, orchestras, venues...) come from (partly) Wikidata (a Wikimedia project), published under license Creative Commons CC0.

The articles of the indexed sources and the videos are those of the authors. The responsibility for soClassiQ can not be held liable in any way, although about published were contrary to the laws in force. By cons, soClassiQ undertakes to withdraw from the site as soon as possible, as soon as a reliable information submitted to it.

3. The tools

soClassiQ is built from a large number of open source library, assembled in respect of their license.

It is hosted by Amazon Web Services (servers located in Ireland).

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