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ArtsJournal: music is a English-speaking media specialized in the field of classical music and opera. As such, ArtsJournal: music is a qualified source of soClassiQ, like AfriClassical or La Scena Musicale and many others. The oldest article indexed by soClassiQ is dated 2012-01-03. Since then, a total of 46581 articles have been written and published by ArtsJournal: music.

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With 1690 articles published in the last 90 days, ArtsJournal: music is currently a very active news source. "Very active" does not mean that ArtsJournal: music is more interesting than another less prolific source. Each media follows a specific editorial line, publishing according to its own rhythm.

This editorial activity is no different from that recorded for the previous period.

The last article in ArtsJournal: music, "A message to the arts and cultural sector from James Abruzzo: We are here to listen and eager to help", is dated 2020-08-13. By 2019, this source had published 7917 articles (4349 since the beginning of 2020). Over the past 12 months, ArtsJournal: music has published an average of 606 articles per month.

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ArtsJournal: music has been selected by soClassiQ to be among its qualified sources because we believe that its articles fully contribute to the knowledge of classical music and opera. Because it is up to everyone to make their own opinion, to love ArtsJournal: music or to prefer other writings, all our visitors and members are invited to discover ArtsJournal: music. If you like it, feel free to add it to your browser bookmarks or soClassiQ bookmarks (for its members, with the button below). This will allow you to come back to it easily and regularly.

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ArtsJournal: music

2020-08-13 22:21:22

While we are still engaged with paid search and consulting projects, we also realize that our experience and perspective may be helpful in other ways and so invite you to contact us for advice, perspective, and/or a friendly shoulder to lean on. No obligation – we’d like to hear from you

ArtsJournal: music

2020-08-13 21:54:22

The non-profit organisation High Line Art, which commissions public art projects on and around the elevated park in Chelsea, launched a platform of artist proposals this week, and says that comments from the public will be reviewed by its curatorial staff. The deciding vote, however, will ultimately be made by Cecilia Alemani, the director and […]

ArtsJournal: music

2020-08-13 21:31:06

Hollywood has been unable to restart production on its own soundstages in California because of surging infections in the state, plodding negotiations with unions over protocols and the time it takes to get test results. So big movie studios, under pressure to get their production assembly lines running again, have focused on overseas shooting. The […]

ArtsJournal: music

2020-08-13 21:29:02

The latest figures for 2019 represent a slowdown in the growth of the number of completed projects seen each year since 2016, as well as the fourth consecutive drop in the number of announced projects, which hit a peak of 135 in 2016. – Artnet

ArtsJournal: music

2020-08-13 21:01:59

“Singing in a room for an extended period of time, in close contact with lots of people and no ventilation — that’s a recipe for disaster,” says Shelly Miller, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Along with Jelena Srebric at the University of Maryland, Miller is leading a six-month research project looking at […]

ArtsJournal: music

2020-08-13 20:31:24

“There’s a cost to living; there’s a cost to doing everything. That cost depends on the speed at which we’re living, to some degree. If we are living our lives at a very fast rate, we tend to wear out sooner. There is a strong relationship between metabolic rate—the rate at which we’re taking in […]

ArtsJournal: music

2020-08-13 20:01:30

“I served as an external adviser and peer reviewer for the museum over several years. The current crisis may be shocking, but it’s a predictable consequence of the museum’s history of separating strategic management practices from human rights principles.” – The Conversation

ArtsJournal: music

2020-08-13 19:31:12

Starting August 20th, AMC plans to have more than 100 theaters open, and it says it will continue opening locations “such that about two-thirds of our theatres across the country should be open no later than September 3.” – The Verge

ArtsJournal: music

2020-08-13 18:59:52

Ertuğrul, a five-season dizi (that’s Turkish for telenovela-crossed-with-historical-epic) about the father of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, “is now so popular that it has been dubbed into six languages and broadcast in 72 countries. On YouTube alone, Ertuğrul has surpassed 1.5bn views.” – The Guardian

ArtsJournal: music

2020-08-13 18:31:08

More than 5,000 visual artists from around the world are based here, according to statistics compiled by city authorities. Despite high-profile closures, there are still more than 300 galleries, and before Covid-19 restrictions, there were public art talks nearly every night. The postponed Berlin Biennial is going forward on Sept. 5, and Gallery Weekend, an […]

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