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2020-07-21 21:04:35

Editor's note: As soon as I read this essay by conductor Ramona Wis, I wanted to share it with you. Dr. Wis's ideas offer comfort for everyone, not just musicians. We can all face an uncertain future with grace and courage. We're all in this together. ~ Brenda Tremblay The Conductor as Yogi: From Holding Space to Making Space By Ramona M. Wis The first time I heard the phrase “holding space” was from a colleague describing her experience with someone going through a tough time. “I just held space for her,” she said. It was a phrase I was not familiar with but soon started seeing everywhere (or maybe it was just “blue car syndrome,” where my increased awareness led to noticing what was always there).

Classical91.5 (wxxi)

2020-07-01 13:56:01

The Public Media Journalists Association (PMJA) has announced awards for outstanding journalism, and two WXXI staffers have earned accolades for their work. Mona Seghatoleslami won 2 nd place in the ‘Best use of Sound’ category for a feature she did called “New Sounds from Ossia” about student-run ensemble at the Eastman School of Music. Listen to Mona’s feature . WXXI’s Beth Adams earned a top spot for her radio feature “Mission Mustang” about a place in Honeoye Falls where horses helps veterans readjust to their civilian lives. (This piece was also named "Outstanding Feature" earlier this year by the New York State Broadcasters Association.) Listen to Beth’s story. According to WXXI news director Randy Gorbman, the PMJA awards are grouped in divisions by newsroom size. WXXI is in category ‘A,’ one down from the largest newsrooms in the country. Gorbman adds that WXXI was the only public radio newsroom in […]

Classical91.5 (wxxi)

2020-06-15 18:47:20

An energetic quiet descends on the auditorium as the light dims. You welcome the concertmaster with polite applause, and he leads the orchestra in one final tuning. The conductor strides confidently onstage, swinging her arm with panache to gesture for the orchestra to rise as she takes the bow on their behalf. As she takes her place at the podium, the audience on the edge of their seats, a few coughs break the silence. Suddenly, she slashes the air with her baton, drawing out Beethoven’s famous bah-bah-bah-bahh! and they’re off to the races with his Fifth Symphony. You let the music wash over you in your seat. Its tense, agitated rhythms draw you in like a racing heartbeat, driving from one moment to the next. But after a minute or two, you find your mind wandering. Am I in the mood for dessert tonight? What was that TV series my […]

Classical91.5 (wxxi)

2020-06-10 14:55:26

(This is a guest post from C24's Music Through the Night host Garrett McQueen.) As the world begins to heal following the deaths of George Floyd , Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor , people are taking another look at the ways in which racism has impacted institutions beyond law enforcement — including classical music.

Classical91.5 (wxxi)

2020-06-02 03:41:03

“The show must go on...” That mantra is the rallying cry of artists finding ways to create, perform, and share their work no matter what is happening around them. But Tuesday June 2nd is different: a group in the music industry has called on performers, musicians and the industry itself to make a different choice in light of ongoing racism and violence. Classical musicians, orchestras, and the music and recording industry on the whole will interrupt their work and performances , and take time connect with their communities. They are encouraging people to stop and think, to learn and “ have conversation s about what actions we need to take together to support the Black community.” This effort is being coordinate d with the hashtags: #theshowmustbepaused or #BlackOutTuesday.

Classical91.5 (wxxi)

2020-05-28 19:00:42

“ The music begins with me, so I must write music that resonates with me and that I feel committed to sharing with the world. But the music comes to life through performers, teachers, students, and audiences. And when they chuckle at a funny moment or are moved by a lyrical melody, then I know I have written something meaningful.” – Steve Danyew Steve Danyew is a composer based here in Rochester, who also teaches courses focused on helping young musicians develop their own creative careers at the Eastman School of Music’s Institute for Music Leadership. He took the time to share a little bit of his creative process for a recent composition that awaits its premiere: a fanfare inspired by a mural on the wall of Kodak Hall in Eastman Theatre.

Classical91.5 (wxxi)

2020-05-15 12:23:07

I miss the bustle around Gibbs Street. Eastman School of Music students and faculty walking around with instrument cases, stopping in at Java's, playing concerts, and all the rest. But it helps to know that even though they're mostly not around physically in Rochester, the Eastman community is still making music and enriching our world while they are studying. It's all just online! Here are a few highlights to share, including an inspiring chorus, new cinematic music, the ode to joy, and more.

Classical91.5 (wxxi)

2020-04-20 16:37:39

Like many college students, Benji Wittman finds that his plans for the coming months have been scrapped due to the threat of COVID-19. Today, my summer internship was officially canceled. In response and in self reflection, I have collected some of my thoughts surrounding our lives in reference to the pandemic and how my perspective has been affected and figured it may be a helpful narrative of sorts for those who may be looking for a way to cope with or reconcile with the uncertainty.

Classical91.5 (wxxi)

2020-05-21 21:03:50

A community of neighbors and music lovers has produced a video tribute to essential workers. It's focused on daily life on Mulberry Street, home of Mary Slothower Lavin. She took photos of essential workers doing their jobs, and her sister Christine Lavin (a folk singer and Rochester Music Hall of Fame inductee) wrote original music for a slideshow. Christine edited the video with a performance of her music played on the viola by high school student Amelia Krinke. Small world note: Krinke is daughter of Eastman grad Jenny Undercofler and the granddaughter of James Undercofler, the former dean of the Eastman School. In posting the video, the composer Christine Lavin wrote, " Thank you and stay safe!" ici

Classical91.5 (wxxi)

2020-04-30 13:08:21

​​ Bachfest Malaysia (Malaysia Bach Festival) was founded in 2015 by Artistic Director David Chin to promote the music of J.S. Bach in Malaysia and beyond through performance and education. David is well-known to the Rochester music community from his time here leading many performances, focusing on music by Bach, while he was a doctoral student at the Eastman School of Music. For two years, the musicians of Bachfest Malaysia had been looking forward to performing at the St. Thomas Church during Bachfest Leipzig 2020 in June . Since the festival planned for this year has now been postponed to 2022, they decided to make a virtual performance recording of a complete cantata – Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV 62 – one of the three cantatas which they were going to perform at the festival. Here’s the opening chorus movement. There are planning to record more of this music […]

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