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The last article in Lucid Culture, "Going Through Hell with One of the World’s Greatest Jazz Orchestras", is dated 2020-08-07. By 2019, this source had published 49 articles (105 since the beginning of 2020). Over the past 12 months, Lucid Culture has published an average of 13 articles per month.

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Lucid Culture

2020-08-07 13:40:15

What could be more appropriate for this year than an album about a trip through hell? When the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis recorded their live performance of alto saxophonist Sherman Irby’s Inferno in 2012, it’s unlikely that anyone in the world had any idea how much we would suffer eight years […]

Lucid Culture

2020-08-04 03:24:56

The Neave Trio got high marks here last year for their album Her Voice, a collection of rare pieces by women composers (some might cynically say that even now, anything by a woman composer is rare). But the ensemble had done rewarding work before that record, including their 2018 release French Moments – streaming at […]

Lucid Culture

2020-08-03 20:14:14

“We know these things because some of their ancient ones are still among us,” Theo Bleckmann’s space alien character intones midway through the third track on Meredith Monk’s new album Memory Game. Is it any wonder why the lockdowners are trying to kill off all the old people? After all, they remember what it was […]

Lucid Culture

2020-08-02 19:50:59

Gelsey Bell devised her new album Cairns as a headphone-enhanced walking tour of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, and much of it was recorded there. As fans of the space are aware, it is a working cemetery, and it’s open daily from 7 AM to 7 PM. In order to help get people off their screens […]

Lucid Culture

2020-07-30 21:47:19

Bassist Matt Ulery is this era’s great Romantic. Nobody writes more lyrical songs without words than this guy. Blending classical elegance and art-rock intensity with jazz improvisation, his music has a consistently vivid, epically cinematic quality. His latest album, Delicate Charms is streaming at Bandcamp; just so you know, it’s not delicate at all. Pianist […]

Lucid Culture

2020-07-30 13:07:58

The Doggy Cats got their start at legendary Red Hook watering hole Sunny’s Bar, and play the kind of music that the regulars who frequented the place during its Prohibition days listened to. Tetsuro Hoshii leads the sextet from behind the piano. His merry bandmates include trumpeter Aaron Bahr, saxophonist Zac Zinger, trombonist Christopher Palmer, […]

Lucid Culture

2020-07-29 20:44:46

The sophistication and purposefulness of the compositions on the new album Hearing It Get Dark: Music of Reinaldo Moya – streaming at Bandcamp- speaks to the composer’s formative years in Venezuela’s El Sistema. His music is remarkably translucent and evocative, with influences from minimalism to the baroque. Chamber ensemble Latitude 49 play the opening piece, […]

Lucid Culture

2020-07-27 20:23:09

One of the most surrealistically enjoyable releases of recent months is a highly improvised instrumental version of Schubert’s Winterreise, an allusively political protest suite disguised as a collection of lovelorn ballads. Artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra and Phil Kline have drawn inspiration from the composer’s brooding early Romanticism, but it’s hard to remember if […]

Lucid Culture

2020-07-26 21:45:34

On September 5, 1975 guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi’s New Direction Unit played a marathon concert at Yasuda Seimei Hall in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. Any kind of jazz beyond traditional swing was considered radical and frowned on by the authorities at the time – and by pretty much any standard, this is utterly fearless, often completely unhinged  […]

Lucid Culture

2020-07-25 21:28:28

There’s a point toward the end of the Jupiter String Quartet’s new performance of the first movement of Beethoven’s iconic String Quartet No. 14, Op 131 where suddenly a series of echo effects kick in. One is strikingly quieter than the other. What a stunning contrast, and a stunning insight. It’s hard to think of […]

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