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Naxos Blog

2020-08-06 19:00:23

Here are the openings of 20 well-known works, or of movements within those works. Can you name the composer and the title of the work? Scroll down the page to check your answers. Question 1   Question 2   Question 3   Question 4   Question 5   Question 6   Question 7   Question

Naxos Blog

2020-07-30 19:00:21

In some respects you might say that all orchestral works – symphonies, overtures, tone poems — are showcases of collective talent displaying expertise in coordination, balance and deft execution of the notes. But the notion of a concerto for orchestra implies that the composer is shining an even more intense spotlight on rank-and-file players or

Naxos Blog

2020-07-23 18:00:39

Raymond Bisha introduces a selection from the rich and varied catalogue of chamber works that Beethoven wrote throughout his life. It includes the ‘Archduke’ piano trio, examples of his violin and cello sonatas, and extracts from both his Octet for Wind Instruments and the Septet in E flat major, Op. 20, a work so popular

Naxos Blog

2020-07-16 18:00:44

For composers, July holds two main sources of inspiration, being both the warmest summer month in the Northern Hemisphere and that which marks the occasion of America’s Fourth of July, or Independence Day. I’ve chosen seven pieces that reflect this, a number of which may be new to many and, I hope, an interesting discovery.

Naxos Blog

2020-07-09 18:00:19

Raymond Bisha introduces a new release of orchestral music by American composer Christopher Rouse, who died in September 2019. It’s a fitting tribute to one who led the revitalisation of contemporary orchestral music with works that ranged from intensely active to wonderfully lyrical. As both a Pullitzer Prize and GRAMMY Award winner, his personal mission

Naxos Blog

2020-07-03 00:00:10

Composers can’t always hang around waiting for a visit by Euterpe, the ancient Greek Muse of music, to sow a seed of inspiration for their next composition. Commissioning agents have a long and much-appreciated record of standing in for when that vital role of providing a creative impetus is required and this podcast from the

Naxos Blog

2020-06-25 21:00:12

Gothic art feeds off deathly horror, and music from the Romantic period especially tapped into its creative possibilities. Richard Kennedy presents a selection of extracts from compositions with literary, historical and architectural Gothic associations.      

Naxos Blog

2020-06-18 21:00:12

The date of posting this blog marks the anniversary of the premiere of a difficult-to-categorise stage work, and the anniversary of its world premiere complete recording. Rossini’s Il viaggio a Reims (The Trip to Reims) was first presented to the public on 19 June 1825. Naxos introduced the first recording of the complete work to

Naxos Blog

2020-06-12 00:00:11

Naxos: Esto es Música Clásica es un podcast con comentarios en español, sobre novedades, grabaciones y entrevistas a músicos y artistas dentro del ámbito de la música clásica. Escucha Ahora

Naxos Blog

2020-06-11 21:00:23

Raymond Bisha introduces Johan Smith, winner of the 2019 Guitar Foundation of America Competition, in a recital that the Swiss artist has described as his dream programme: “It’s an exceptional album in many ways: the music is engaging, the playing is outstanding, and the recorded sound is first-rate. And the artist himself is uniquely intriguing,

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