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Otto's Classical Musick seems to be on pause right now, since no article has been published for 3 months. The last article in Otto's Classical Musick, "Campra - Grands Motets - William Christie & Les Arts Florissants", is dated 2017-08-08.

"On pause" does not mean, however, that Otto's Classical Musick will not resume its activity soon, nor that its articles are less interesting than another more active source.

This editorial activity is no different from that recorded for the previous period.

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Otto's Classical Musick

2017-08-08 12:39:07

Release Date: 2003Label: Virgin ClassicsNumber of discs: 1Composer: Andre CampraPerformer: William Christie,Les Arts Florissantscd info/ buy Review: Though credited with inventing the “opera-ballet” and known primarily today for his numerous spirited stage productions, the remarkably prolific French Baroque composer André Campra was equally famous in his time as a church musician, penning (as of last count) no fewer than 60 “petits motets” and 51 “grands motets” (ones scored for full orchestra, choir, and soloists). In 1993 Les Arts Florissants director William Christie (performing on organ) shared continuo roles with viola da gambist Anna-Marie Lasla (who returns here), supporting soprano Jacqueline Nicolas in a lovely and highly acclaimed program of six of Campra’s petit motets for the Pierre Verany label. Now with much more Campra under his belt (including the premiere recording of Idomeneo, one of his most famous operas) Christie here offers an equally […]

Otto's Classical Musick

2017-08-04 08:42:16

Release Date: 2009Label: Harmonia MundiNumber of discs: 1 Composer: VariousPerformer: Stile Anticocd info/ buy Review: One expectation that such an album may raise in its listeners is an answer to the question of what common and special inspiration might composers have taken from contemplating this most erotic of Biblical texts. The symptoms of their reactions might be sensuous melismas, perhaps, and anguished suspensions, surging bass-lines and…let us draw a veil there. Such devices are in abundance, whether chastely deployed in turn by Clemens and Palestrina or flaunted all at once in the selections of Guerrero and Gombert, though no more so than they would be on a programme of Marian or Lenten devotions; and these are just the opening four tracks.That unfair calculation ignores the plainchant antiphons between each pair of motets. It is rare for me to feel that such interspersions work on […]

Otto's Classical Musick

2011-07-02 23:45:00

Raff - Symphonies · Suites · Overtures - Schneider & Friedmann

Raff - Symphonies · Suites · Overtures - Schneider & Friedmann 

          Release Date: 2010 Label: Marco Polo Number of discs: 9 Composer: Joachim Raff  Performer: Urs Schneider, Samuel Friedmann  […]

Otto's Classical Musick

2011-07-02 05:52:00

Schubert - Mass in E-flat Major D 950 - Abbado, Vienna Philharmonic 

Schubert - Mass in E-flat Major D 950 - Abbado, Vienna Philharmonic

          Release Date: 04/11/1988 Label: Deutsche Grammophon Number of discs: 1 Composer: Franz Schubert Performer: Claudio Abbado […]

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