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Pacific Symphony blog is a English-speaking blog specialized in the field of classical music and opera. As such, Pacific Symphony blog is a qualified source of soClassiQ, like ArtsJournal: music or Planet Hugill and many others. The oldest article indexed by soClassiQ is dated 2017-06-01. Since then, a total of 375 articles have been written and published by Pacific Symphony blog.

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With 22 articles published in the last 90 days, Pacific Symphony blog is currently a not very active news source. "Not very active" does not mean that Pacific Symphony blog is less interesting than another more prolific source. Each blog follows a specific editorial line, publishing according to its own rhythm.

This editorial activity is increasing compared to the previous period.

The last article in Pacific Symphony blog, "From Costa Mesa to Costa Rica", is dated 2020-07-30. By 2019, this source had published 34 articles (55 since the beginning of 2020). Over the past 12 months, Pacific Symphony blog has published an average of 7 articles per month.

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Pacific Symphony blog

2020-07-30 17:02:19

When Carl St.Clair had the idea of a video project that would bring together the principal trumpets of the two orchestras where he is currently the music director, he approached Barry Perkins, Pacific Symphony’s principal trumpet. As Perkins tells it, …

Pacific Symphony blog

2020-07-29 23:44:06

Every Wednesday at 4 p.m., Pacific Symphony’s Principal Flute Ben Smolen hosts the Symphony Mixer. It’s a weekly web series where Ben interviews conductors, composers, Symphony colleagues, and people in the music business. The conversations are stimulating and thought-provoking and …

Pacific Symphony blog

2020-07-29 22:30:42

If you’ve been missing your Pacific Symphony, you’ll be glad to know about “Summer Replay,” a virtual summer symphonic series, available for streaming online. Carl St.Clair, who conducts all the concerts in the series, enters his fourth decade as Pacific …

Pacific Symphony blog

2020-07-29 18:09:39

Do you wonder how artists are satisfying their creative urges during the pandemic? Being naturally resourceful with creative minds, they’re relying on themselves to create opportunities for artistic expression. A number of Pacific Symphony musicians have turned to socially distanced …

Pacific Symphony blog

2020-07-28 20:53:42

The Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra today released a mosaic video virtual performance of the dramatic final movement of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony. Roger Kalia, who was Pacific Symphony’s associate conductor and music director of the PSYO for five years, conducted the …

Pacific Symphony blog

2020-07-23 23:34:14

Pacific Symphony’s official classical radio station, KUSC 91.5 FM broadcasts seven 2019-20 Classical Series concerts to over half a million listeners in Southern and Central California, beginning July 26 at 7 p.m. and continuing on summer Sunday evenings through Sept. 6. Popular …

Pacific Symphony blog

2020-07-11 17:00:00

“The AXP magic truly prospered despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic,” [email protected] Session 1 Director Edward Johnson said as he reflected on the first session. The beautiful thing about artists, Johnson said, is “their imagination can find a …

Pacific Symphony blog

2020-06-30 22:06:55

Celebrating this great nation is a little different this year. Though we’re not able to enjoy the Fourth in the great outdoors, Pacific Symphony invites the worldwide web to join together online for patriotic favorites, fireworks and musical festivities. Music …

Pacific Symphony blog

2020-06-30 21:15:20

Program Made Possible by Generous Support from The Ellis Island Honors Society PBS’s Great Performances and Pacific Symphony, led by Music Director Carl St.Clair, pay tribute to America’s history and celebrate the historic American immigrant experience with a special Independence …

Pacific Symphony blog

2020-06-17 22:42:07

Breaking news! Pacific Symphony announced the temporary restructuring of its youth arts summer program, arts-X-press. Because of concerns due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, arts-X-press (now [email protected]) is moving from an in-person week-long camp to a virtual two-week camp. This …

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