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Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

2020-07-28 06:00:16

We booked a one-off showing that was cancelled but now we can’t get our money back We booked in advance two tickets at £23.25 each for the Guildford Odeon’s live showing of the Royal Opera House production of Elektra on 18 June. Clearly the performance was cancelled, and we would like a refund. This was a one-off event and will not be repeated. There is no way to contact Odeon Cinemas about this, unfortunately. Its website is restricted to sales, and its so-called “contact” is limited to a formula which does not include refunds. If I walk in with the tickets and demand a refund, are they legally bound to give me one? I definitely do not want a voucher. WP, Guildford, Surrey

Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

2020-07-22 23:01:26

Report by DCMS committee slams response and ‘vague and slow-coming’ reopening plan Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The government’s response to the impact on the culture sector of the Covid-19 crisis has been too slow, too vague, and has jeopardised its future, according to a damning report by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee. The MPs found that the government has consistently failed to recognise the size of the task facing the sector, and that its responses – including

Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

2020-07-04 16:00:17

Throughout June, photographer Joanna Vestey photographed the caretakers of 20 closed London theatres, in situ, for a project titled

Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

2020-06-21 11:00:14

Our critic mainlines Tudor polyphony and talks to performers, conductors and composers longing for the return of communal music-making Laura Cumming: ‘The world is coming into art on a human scale’ Anyone wedded to music for a living relishes silence. Initially lockdown felt like a dazed release. Competing snatches of melody, spinning round my head day and night, came to rest. An avalanche of cancelled events rendered the landscape blank. With little appetite for the rush of digital offerings I listened, repeatedly, to Media vita by John Sheppard (1515-58), each favourite recording in turn. Unwittingly I’d chosen a choral masterpiece set to the words “In the midst of life we are in death” by a Tudor composer who died in a flu epidemic. More cheerfully, I learned, it was part of the soundtrack for the strategy game Civilisation IV (“explore, expand, exploit and exterminate”). Media vita’s slowly uncoiling intensity got […]

Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

2020-06-11 08:00:45

The ballerina stars in a stylish short film made in isolation and is about to perform at the Royal Opera House after months away She has become one of the UK’s best known ballerinas thanks to her roles with the Royal Ballet and as Victoria the white kitten in Tom Hooper’s Cats movie. But Francesca Hayward’s new performance, filmed in lockdown, is about how it has felt to not perform at all during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hayward is one of five dancers in a new short film, Where We Are, choreographed by and co-starring

Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

2020-05-22 17:18:43

My friend Paschal Allen, who has died aged 87 from Covid-19, was an opera singer who spent 15 years at the Royal Opera House, toured extensively across Europe and Australia, and sang at Glyndebourne, Aldeburgh and Edinburgh festivals. Paschal was the eldest of six children, born in Armagh. His father, Tommy, ran a hardware store. His mother, Bea (nee Fagan), played the piano and violin in local ceilidh bands. Paschal went to the local Christian Brothers school and was soon singing treble in the Catholic cathedral choir in Armagh.

Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

2020-06-07 17:25:01

The BBC can help British classical music recover – if the government steps in too When the BBC Radio 3 presenter Andrew McGregor welcomed listeners to last Monday’s lunchtime concert from Wigmore Hall in London, the timbre of his announcement had a curious quality: there was no hum of a crowd’s anticipation behind his words, just a faintly audible echo. It was the sound of absence. The hall’s red-plush seats were empty. There was no one else in the hall apart from him, the pianist Stephen Hough and a tiny number of physically distanced staff. Normally a recital to a deserted hall would be meaningless – what, after all, is a performance if there is no one to perform to? But in this case, the event was freighted with significance. It was the first live concert on Radio 3 for 11 weeks, since halls and opera houses abruptly shut their […]

Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

2020-05-26 10:08:18

Beauty, strength and bags of energy: BBC Four’s Men at the Barre documentary gets up close and personal with the Royal Ballet dancers on the rise ‘It’s a golden era of male ballet dancers.” So says Emma Cahusac, the commissioning editor behind a new documentary, Men at the Barre, part of BBC Four’s dance season. It’s not just hyperbole. The young men rising up at the Royal Ballet are some of the most exciting in dance right now: principals Matthew Ball and Marcelino Sambé, first soloists Cesar Corrales and William Bracewell, and first artist Joseph Sissens all feature in Men at the Barre. With the majority of them British or UK-trained, it’s a giant leap from the grumblings of a decade ago about the lack of local dancers making it to the top. I spoke to Ball, Corrales and Sambé by phone, all staying resolutely positive during this enforced break […]

Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

2020-05-23 20:30:03

National Theatre, RSC and Royal Opera House warn they are facing financial collapse without extra government assistanceThe National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Opera House are facing financial collapse because of the pandemic and are jointly calling upon the government to throw out a lifeline. “It is really serious now,” said Greg Doran, the artistic director of the RSC. “And if we lose our performance culture, we lose it for good.” The leaders of the theatres also warn that while they struggle to stay afloat, the whole performing arts sector is in “huge jeopardy”, and that without swift action there will be little left for audiences to see across the country when restrictions are lifted.

Royal Opera House (The Guardian)

2020-04-21 16:10:37

General director of the Royal Opera House who worked with the conductor Colin Davis and choreographer Kenneth MacMillanSir John Tooley, who has died aged 95, ran the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, for 18 years from 1970, as general administrator and then general director. During that time the organisation developed in many constructive ways: in succession to Georg Solti, Colin Davis was music director (1971-86) for most of Tooley’s tenure and the ROH continued to evolve as an internationally recognised house while retaining a nucleus of a native company, something that was subsequently lost. Both men believed strongly in bringing on British artists, who were to work alongside international performers of the highest distinction. The choice of opera directors was also expanded, and many innovative productions, not all of them, of course, successful, were staged. Tooley also played an important part in forging links with administrators in other countries, partly […]

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