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Latest study

Business relationship in classical music : a worldwide study on artists and their agency.

Classical music is a complex market, widely international, highly fragmented, where tens of thousands of people and institutions / organizations operate: artists, orchestras, managers, labels, producers, publishers, concert halls, opera houses, festivals, media organizations/agencies, reviewers, radio promoters, press officers...

Among them, the artists and their manager(s) are of course the core and the beginning of any story. The choice of an agency by an artist as well as the choice of an artist by an agency are a strategic choice. These business relationships can sometimes arise from chance, opportunity and intuition. Open data is also available to aide us in our understanding of the agency landscape. We have analyzed 170 agencies (their artist rosters), which are published online (covering 1400 artists / orchestras).

This study will be useful for both professional artists in managing their career and agencies in driving their growth strategy, together.

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